Let’s Get Writing

Learn key writing techniques with professional writer and tutor Beccy Dye, and use them to complete a short story, the first three chapters of a novel or a short script in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Course Dates

Tues 1st Feb – Tues 15th Mar 2022
(with half term in-between)
Enrol by Friday 21st Jan 2022

I’ve absolutely loved this course and it’s made me think I can actually do something that’s of interest.



This online course begins with fun exercises that will help you get writing.  We’ll go on to look at creating characters, developing environments, how a story can be structured and how short stories, novels and scripts ‘work’. Whether you’re interested in just one or all of these areas, there is something to learn from them all that can help you as a writer.

Whether you’ve been writing for a while or you’re just getting started, Let’s Get Writing provides a supportive and fun framework to have a go and develop your skills.

The course uses a series of writing exercises to help you develop material that we will go on to explore and craft as the course progresses. We will look at short story, script and novel writing techniques to help you find your style.

Each session gets you writing until you’re ready to share your work either in class or in the online group. You will be given guidance on how to read and give feedback to others, which will help you become a better editor of your own work. The course tutor will give you feedback on work in progress, and encourage your development as a writer.

Join this course to have a go and learn more about writing creatively, or to take your writing to the next level. The course supports you across one online writing workshop a week, and in the online writing group. It’s a fun, gentle and supportive way to get writing.

It was step by step and helped me to build confidence in myself and my writing.


What does this course give you?

A weekly online workshop

Meet for a fun and supportive one-hour online workshop every week. Each workshop will cover a key topic and involve writing exercises, designed to get you writing, enjoying yourself and developing your work.

Weekly Activities

Put what we’re learning into practice with activities following-on from each workshop. Take your writing even further by completing weekly activities to share in the next class and the online forum.

Strong grounding in writing techniques

Learn and develop your writing technique in every class, as the tutor explores key concepts and their application.

Course Material and Resources

Access to all course materials, resources and guidance. Workshop slides and resources will be made available to download for your to peruse at your leisure.

Online Forum

A minimum of one-year’s membership to the online Story Trails Writing Forum. A supportive and safe space for writers that have participated in writing workshops with Story Trails. The length of membership is a guideline only, and may extend beyond this period.

Peer and Tutor Feedback

You’ll be given guidance on how to give feedback to others – thus becoming a better editor of your own work – and on receiving feedback form peers. The course tutor will provide, brief clear comments on work in progress each week either in the workshop or on work submitted in the online group.

How the Course Works

You will join the private zoom workshop once a week with your workshop peers, to develop a key area in your writing by participating in the writing exercises, small group discussions, feedback opportunities and tutor-led content. The tutor will end each workshop with follow-on activities for you to complete by the following session. These will range from logging-on and introducing yourself in the forum, sharing work in progress, to reading extracts from novels, short stories or scripts, to completing further writing exercises. Every exercise and task is intended to be fun and to help you develop as a writer. If you are unsure about what you’re meant to do at any point, you’re encouraged to get in touch with Beccy who will be happy to help.

Like any course, you will get out what you put in. To get the most from Let’s Get Writing, you are encouraged to complete every writing, reading and feedback activity.

Optional Additional Services

Students on the Let’s Get Writing course, are eligible for discounted rates on:

  • A Tutorial + Written Feedback: for an additional fee of £40, Let’s Get Writing students will receive written feedback from the course tutor on up to 5,000 words of their work (or the equivalent in script terms), and a 30-minute discussion via Zoom or other audio/video platform about the work.
  • An Extended Tutorial + Written Feedback + Personal Development Plan: for an additional fee of £60, Let’s Get Writing students will receive written feedback from the course tutor on up to 5,000 words of their work (or the equivalent in script terms), an hour-long discussion via Zoom or other audio/video platform about the work, including the creation of a Personal Development Plan highlighting future development goals.

The course discount can be applied for up to 6-months from the start-date of your course.

The activities have been great to get me thinking.


Course Outline

  • Week One, workshop 01: Let’s Get Writing

    Put any doubts aside and learn to let go and have fun creating your first character on the course

  • Week Two, workshop 02: How Characters Grow

    Have fun getting to know your characters and how their journey can change the course of the story

  • Week Three, workshop 03: Location, Location, Location…

    Explore environment and how it can change the tone of your story

  • Week Four, workshop 04: is your story short or long?

    Does your story fit a novel or short-story format? Find out and develop some key techniques for both forms

  • Week Five, workshop 05: structure and scripts

    What can script-writing teach us about structure and writing in general? Develop your technique more

  • Week Six, workshop 06: Keep on Writing

    Guidance on how to continue to write, what to do next with your story and continuing to grow as a writer

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