The Case of the Disappearing Rhubarb!

The Rhubarb Festival is a grand old time in Wakefield. Traditionally it has been a wonderful food and drink market, but in 2020 Wakefield decided to go one better: a, 8-day extravaganza of theatre, shows, are installations, craft and more on top of the usual, and still wonderful, food and drink market!

Wakefield Libraries and Council commissioned Story Trails to create an interactive story for 3-9 year-olds during the festival. The show was called ‘The Case of the Disappearing Rhubarb’, and the Story Trail began in Pontefract Library before moving across to the Old Market Hall for 3-shows-a-day, across a total of 8-days!

The Case of the Disappearing Rhubarb!

The rhubarb grower has been working hard in the rhubarb shed. But just when she takes a well-earned nap the rhubarb goes missing! Just like that!

The rhubarb grower and her fearless friends embark on a journey to The World Under to try and find the rhubarb and bring it back! But what other creatures are lurking there? And why did they take rhubarb in the first place!

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