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I am a storyteller, developing stories to be experienced across multiple platforms such as live, performances co-created with the audience; audio-drama podcasts; transmedia stories; digital text-adventures and Alternate Reality Games.

I am particularly interested in building on my work in creating performances designed to engage families, and in creating audio-drama that connects with people across the world.

Audio-drama mini-series: Hope Travels

Hope Travels was an audio-drama mini-series, commissioned in the lead up to WordFest 2021 preceding the live performance commissioned for the week of the festival. In two-weeks the mini-series was downloaded 3,245 times across thirty-seven countries.

The 6-episode series, plus a recording of the live performance, can be listened to here:

Live Performance: Hope Returns

Hope Returns was the live performance following the audio miniseries. It was well received across the festival, and the two commissions showcase how I would like to connect with both local and international audiences through this combined arts approach.

The Story Trails podcast channel currently hosts relatively disparate content such as audio recordings or versions of live performances, explorations of characters and commissioned mini-series.

The creation of the Story Trails podcast series, will enable me to take a more targeted approach to the channel, and make it a digital space that families can enjoy together through a story that invites listeners to contribute towards it, engendering feelings of co-creation and empowering listeners of all ages.

I am working towards this goal as a successful storyteller and podcaster, building on the connections and lessons that I have learnt through live performance and creating Diary of a Space Archivist.

The Latest Episode of Diary of a Space Archivist

Some Reviews of my Work

In every format and media, Beccy has a deft, humorous-but-gentle touch to her storytelling, and in every story there’s a clear invitation to the listener / reader / player to join in – to share the world that’s been created, not only with Beccy as creator but with others around them.

D. J. Sylvis (Monkeyman Productions)

I really enjoyed taking part in the disappearing rhubarb story.  My favourite bit was following Beccy through the arch to the under world!  Thank you Beccy!

Love Jackson Hewitt (4)

We have worked with Rebecca over a number of years to develop several new works for live and online delivery through traditional and innovative means including choose-your-own adventures, podcasts and live storytelling performances and have found her work to be invariably imaginative, engaging and well-produced.

Claire Pickering
Library Manager

Beautifully realised story that kept all the children engaged.  Amazing world building and simple activities to keep audience involved.

It was amazing! I had lots of fun.

Wynter age 4