Story Trails – the ultimate package holiday

The enchanted realm has seen better days. The fairies are missing, the pixies keep squabbling and the trolls are on strike. But The Guide is going to bring in much needed commerce and rejuvenate the local area by opening Story Trails – the enchanted trail for human people: the ultimate package holiday.

The full Story Trails podcast will launch in October 2020, but you can listen to the weekly mini-series right now. Each episode is around 10-minutes long and includes:

  • an interview with one of the inhabitants from the enchanted realm;
  • a creative mission;
  • a chapter from my children’s book, aimed at 7-10 year-olds.

Listen via the podcast app of your choice or through this site, every Monday.

After listening to all ten episodes of the mini-series, you can continue listening to the chapter readings from The Not Bird here.

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