An Interview With Derek the Dragon

Story Trails: The Interviews

Written, produced and acted by Beccy Stirrup

Music by King Rich!

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Stomach Rumbling by yrdn, June 4th, 2019, https: //

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Woodland ambience by ecfike, July 9th, 2012,

The Lunar Express: Don’t Say De-Commission

Written and produced by Beccy Stirrup

This episode was recorded live at Rebel Base Media


  • Train Conductor: Beccy Stirrup;
  • Julian: Chris Ratcliff;
  • Donna: Izzy Hoedmaker;
  • Bertram: Chirs Whitehead.

Music by: Dvideoguy

Sound Effects (sourced via

Story Trails: The Most Important Boggle Story Ever

The Most Important Boggle Story Ever is part of the Story Trails world by Beccy Stirrup.

Written and performed by Beccy Stirrup

With music and sound effects sourced via Freesound

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