Let's Play Waking Wakefield!
This is where you register to play Waking Wakefield. It'll take just 1-minute, and enables the game to award you points, unlock achievements, send you messages from the fae and all that good stuff! After registering you will be redirected back to the Quests page.
press Enter
You can use a first name, or a fun made-up name, but to protect your privacy, don't include your full name. Please remember that children will play Waking Wakefield, so avoid inappropriate usernames as these will be removed from the game.
Points, achievements and all that good stuff goes to the email address that you provide here, so be sure to use an active email. After registering, you'll receive a welcome message and your first achievement. If you can't find these in your inbox, remember to check your junk folder.
Your email address will never be published or shared. The game will be taken offline by the end of The Festival of the Earth, at which point your details will be removed from the Story Trails site.