Toddler Trails

Toddler Trails are a series of courses aimed at pre-school toddlers from 18-months to four-years-old.

Together we will find the lost pixie, uncover the Boggle Kingdom and discover the Whithersnap!

Each toddler-trail has been designed to capture the imagination and involve the children in the story as it unfolds.  They don’t just listen to a story, they become part of it, create story keepsakes and, as the course progresses, they add to a book that is presented to them in the last session.

It’s wonderful and all the children were so engaged.

Cheryl (mum)

Children wander through the enchanted trail with the storyteller, incorporating key movements and their ideas to the story as it unfolds. This approach is unique to Toddler Trails, and is informed by research into the relationship of movement with learning.

Thinking and learning are not all in our head. On the contrary, the body plays an integral part in all our intellectual processes from our earliest moments right through to old age.

Smart Moves: Carla Hannaford (educator)

Toddler Trails are fun and lively events that help children to develop key skills in narrative structure and creative development, building a wide vocabulary and developing confidence.

Making marks and drawing masterpieces!

You are welcome to bring your younger children free of charge!

Workshops are held at either 10-11 or 1-2 and include juice, biscuits and copious tea and coffee!

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