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Waking Wakefield is an Alternate Reality Game that has been designed to enable players with a wide age range to explore issues relating to the climate crisis, and to discover ways in which they can help. The ARG is appropriate for all ages, but younger children will need help and support.

How to play
How to Play Waking Wakefield
How to Play Waking Wakefield: Video Transcript

Hi and welcome to Waking Wakefield, the Alternate Reality Game about the climate crisis.  It’s free to play to anyone anywhere.  All you need is a device with an Internet connection.  Younger players, of course, will need support and help. 

Alternate reality games are played both in the virtual world and in the physical world.  In this case, the virtual element is played out across some web pages and the physical element is played out just in your everyday life.  When you begin Waking Wakefield, you’ll go to this page first where you’ll watch a video which sets the tone of the whole story.  You’ll learn that mythical beings that used to live on the Earth have returned to check on how we’re doing.

They’ve found the climate in crisis and are quite frustrated with humanity as a result. Some of that group of fae want to bring the rest of all of the fairy tale creatures back to Earth in order to kick humanity off the planet.  But some of them want to give us another chance.  Now it’s our job to convince them that we have what it takes to take care of the environment.  Having watched the video, you’re going to be all ready to save the world and you’ll click to do exactly that.  (NEW VIDEO BIT HERE)

This will take you through to actually meet those fairy tale creatures that have returned at the moment.  Here they are, there are six of them all based around Wakefield District.

That doesn’t mean you have to be in Wakefield District to play the game.  You can be anywhere but if you are in Wakefield District, you’ll recognise the localities and you’ll also recognise maybe some of these mythological beings.  Each character has their own set of quests.  If you were to click Hilde’s Resource Quests, it would take you straight to this section here.  All the quests are actually on this main page, but it’s useful to be able to go from one character straight through to their quests, which will take you to something that will look similar to this: a picture, a note from the character and two drop-downs.  The drop-downs are actually the quests.

We’re going to have a little look at the Tech Smart Quest.  There will always be an infographic and there will always then be some text on the right hand side.  The infographic is there to be a helpful and accessible visual to help you understand some of the key issues.  Over here on the right hand side, you can see what it is you can do about the issue, plus links to other resources that can help you look after the environment.

To complete a quest, you simply fill in the quest-form which will always appear at the bottom of the specific quest you’re working on.  Add the username and email address that you registered with the game – this ensures that all your points add up properly and you receive all of of your achievements and all that good story stuff.

You’ll include a quest title, and you’ll make a few notes about what it is you’ve done or what it is you are going to do, in this case, to be Tech Smart.

If you don’t really like writing all that much, you might prefer to upload a video, or some images, or an audio file.  You’ll have to write a few words here, but the main body of what you’ve done can exist as a file upload if you prefer.  When you’ve completed all of that, remember to click the GDPR agreement and Complete Quest.  That then goes to an administrator who will check everything that you’ve done before publishing it to the Waking page.This is the equivalent of a classroom wall.  It’s also where you come so that you can see what other people have done.  You may even notice some of the characters occasionally commenting on your specific quest.

There are twelve set quests in total, but you might want to go rogue and create your own quests, rather than completing the quests given by the fae.  That’s ok – You can do that here, and as long as you complete 12-quests – whether they’re you’re own climate quests or the ones given by the fae – you’ll still get to the end of the game!

If you’re a teacher, you might find it useful to click on the ‘For Teachers’ section.  That gives you some ideas from how you might decide to use Waking Wakefield in the classroom.  It also gathers all of the quests in one place.

Every single quest includes a checklist that can be downloaded so that players don’t have to work online all the time.  For teachers that’s all arranged in one place here to make it as easy as possible for you to download worksheets that can be completed very simply in classrooms.

And that’s how you play Waking Wakefield.

It’s super simple.

It’s good fun.

Everything is achievable and sustainable, and as you play, you’ll find out more about the characters, and hopefully you’ll even save the world

Waking Wakefield is played by responding to the climate quests that the fae issue. Players respond by:

  1. Reading the information provided in the infographic and suggestions on what they can do to help;
  2. Completing at least one of the suggestions or doing something else that the player has thought of;
  3. Completing the quest-form to let the fae know what they’ve tried.

To play the game you will need to register a username and email address. All of your points, achievements, badges etc. are automatically sent to the email address you register with the game. Each unlocked challenge and level also reveals notes from the characters and more of the story. Email addresses remain private and will be removed from the game by the end of the Festival of the Earth.

Creating a Community

When players complete and submit a climate-quest-form, it awaits administrative approval before being published on the Waking page.

Publishing player quests here further rewards players by highlighting their efforts. Players can also see one another’s progress on the Waking page and comment on it. This helps to build a sense of community and shared knowledge that can continually be accessed.

Player email addresses remain private.

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