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Waking Wakefield is an Alternate Reality Game that has been designed to enable players with a wide age range to explore issues relating to the climate crisis, and to discover ways in which they can help. The game is played responding to the environmental challenges that the fae issue. Players can respond in two ways:

  1. by adding a post on this website: to do this users need to create a log-in by filling in the form on the ‘challenges’ page. The player’s log-in information remains private to them and their details cannot be used by anyone else.
  2. by messaging the fae directly: to do this players will need to fill in the contact form. They do not need to log-in to do this.
Benefits of Creating a log-in

The game assigns points for participation. This can aid the sense of agency that players feel, empowering them in the face of the climate crisis and encouraging them to keep trying. This can be especially important for players who value clear representations of their progress.

The system can only assign points to players that are logged-in.

When approved, players’ posts will be published to the website. This means that players can see their work being acknowledged. The ‘posts’ page is also an excellent source of further information and encouragement as players can see their own work, and the work of others.

In the case of class work, teachers may wish to create a general log-in for the class that they administer.

Benefits of Messaging directly

This may suit players that don’t feel comfortable with creating a log-in. Unfortunately the system cannot assign points to these players, however they may receive a reply from the character they have contacted.

In the case of class work, teachers may wish to use the contact form on the website, on behalf of the whole class.

A combination of both posts and messages may be the most engaging method for students to participate in Waking Wakefield; both methods produce different rewards which can better engage different play styles.

Schools and teachers everywhere may find Waking Wakefield to be a useful tool in exploring environmental issues with their classes.

Not all of the environmental challenges are suitable for everyone. A range of challenges are given to enable a range of players to participate. The Waking Wakefield challenges are designed to enable players to begin making changes. They are not a complete list of things that people can do to combat the climate crisis, and additional ideas posted by players are welcomed.

You can download the challenges on the challenges page, or here:

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