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Waking Wakefield is an Alternate Reality Game that has been designed to enable players with a wide age range to explore issues relating to the climate crisis, and to discover ways in which they can help. This ARG is appropriate for all ages, but younger children will need help and support.

How to play

Waking Wakefield is played by responding to the climate quests that the fae issue. Players respond by:

  1. Reading the information provided in the infographic and suggestions on what they can do to help;
  2. Completing at least one of the suggestions or doing something else that the player has thought of;
  3. Completing the quest-form to let the fae know what they’ve tried.

Each form has a space for players to include an email address. Including an email address will enable the points-system to work. This results in unlocking achievements, earning badges and levelling up. Each unlocked challenge and level also reveals notes from the characters and more of the story. This feature exists to engage players more and reward them for their efforts. Email addresses remain private.

Players do not need to include an email address to join in. However, not including an email means that the points-system cannot work for that player, and achievements, levels and story elements cannot be accessed.

In the case of class work, teachers may wish to create a general log-in for their class.

Waking Wakefield in the Classroom

As a teacher you are best placed to decide how to use Waking Wakefield in your classroom and we would love to hear how you employ it, but here are some suggestions to get started:

  • Direct access through a computer or device:

Players only need a device with an Internet connection to engage with Waking Wakefield, however the Story Trails web address will need to be added to your school’s list of permitted sites.

Students could be given the goal of completing one climate quest each. If the goal is to be completed by the end of one session, they could report what they plan to do, rather than what they have done. If the goal is to be completed over a series of sessions, then they would be able to report what they have done.

  • Download the checklists/worksheets:

Creating a Community

When players complete and submit a climate-quest-form, it awaits administrative approval before being published on the Waking page.

Publishing player posts here further rewards players by highlighting their efforts. This is the virtual equivalent of showcasing a year-group’s work on the classroom wall.

Players can also see one another’s progress on the Waking page and comment on it. This helps to build a sense of community and shared knowledge that can continually be accessed.

Player email addresses remain private.


Schools and teachers everywhere may find Waking Wakefield to be a useful tool in exploring environmental issues with their classes.

In each quest there is a downloadable worksheet/checklist. These have also been compiled here to make it easier for teachers to download from one location.

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