Meet the Myths

The Mythical Beings of Wakefield District

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The Green Man

The Green Man can be found wandering Wakefield town. Find out more about him and what he wants.

Jen the Kelpie

Kelpies are creatures of the water. Jen can be found in waterways around Normanton. Find out what she wants.

Rombald the Giant

Rombald is a creature of rock and earth. He can be found in Castleford. Find out what he wants.

Hilde the Gnome

Hilde can be located near any of the old mines of Featherstone, even the old Bell Pits. Find out what she wants.

Fae the Faerie

Fae can be found in woodland around Knottingley. Find out what they want.

Padfoot the Dog

Padfoot is the huge dog of legend and can take any form. Find out what s/he wants.

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