Through Story Trails  I work with people of all ages and backgrounds, creating and nurturing stories that free imagination and creativity, and help us grow.

Stories are powerful.  They can give us hope, help us understand one another, and enable us to grow. 

We were warned that Algebra was going to be really difficult, whereas Einstein was told that it was a hunt for a creature known as ‘ X ‘ and that when you caught it, it had to tell you its name.

Keith Johnstone (storyteller)

I make all kinds of stories, from:

  • Interactive storytelling theatre;
  • Alternate Reality Games;
  • Choose-your-own-adventure games;
  • Fiction podcasts.

I believe that we are all creative, and that stories are one of the most powerful ways of channeling our creativity. They help us to understand and care about each other; they even help us to learn.  

Getting ready to explore the enchanted trail…

We are living through a tricky time right now, and folk aren’t in a position to come along to one of my interactive shows. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a Story Trail! Listen to the new Story Trails podcast micro-series …

Story Trails: The Interviews

Every week each episode introduces you to a new character from the enchanted realm, invites you to take part in a creative mission to get your work featured on the website, and shares a chapter from my children’s book. All for free. Let’s spread some magic.

Storytelling is an indispensable human preoccupation, as important to us all – almost – as breathing.

Into the Woods: John Yorke (drama expert)