Through Story Trails  I work with people of all ages and backgrounds,  creating and nurturing stories that free imagination and creativity, and help us grow.

The Lunar Express – a Story Trail for Wakefield’s Festival of the Moon, celebrating 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing!

Storytelling is an indispensable human preoccupation, as important to us all – almost – as breathing.

Into the Woods: John Yorke (drama expert)

I believe that we are all creative, and that stories are one of the most powerful ways of channeling our creativity. They help us to understand and care about each other; they even help us to learn.  

Getting ready to explore the enchanted trail…

Make learning a beloved activity.

Lazlo Polgar (educational psychologist)
  • I lead story-trail courses with pre-school toddlers to find lost pixies, unearth the boggle kingdom and discover the Withersnap;
  • I work with schools and organisations to run workshops, give readings, develop playful learning schemes, and increase our understanding of social media and games;
  • I deliver bespoke projects that draw upon storytelling, narrative structure and game philosophy;
  • I provide children’s entertainment for your event or party.

We were warned that Algebra was going to be really difficult, whereas Einstein was told that it was a hunt for a creature known as ‘ X ‘ and that when you caught it, it had to tell you its name.

Keith Johnstone (storyteller)