We were warned that Algebra was going to be really difficult, whereas Einstein was told that it was a hunt for a creature known as ‘ X ‘ and that when you caught it, it had to tell you its name.

Keith Johnstone (storyteller)

Story Trails is dedicated to creating fun, energising and engaging stories across multiple platforms.

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds, creating and nurturing stories that free imagination and creativity, and help us to grow.

Story Trails specialises in combining narrative curiosity with game philosophy to build interactive and engaging projects, such as:

  • Storytelling performances;
  • Transmedia stories;
  • Alternate Reality Games;
  • Podcasts.

Stories are powerful.  They capture our curiosity and, coupled with game philosophy, we can create opportunities for engagement that will run deep and provoke real change.  

The desire to play is fundamentally the desire to be.

Sartre (philosopher)

Out now: Hope Travels

Listen to Hope’s adventures as she explores our world and never gives up, even though sometimes she feels far too small.

Hope Travels is a short audio-drama series by Story Trails for all ages.  Hope is a Boggle, a tiny creature from the Enchanted Place and she’s travelled all the way to the human world. In its first two-weeks, Hope Travels was downloaded 3,245 times across thirty-seven countries.

A little hope can go a long way!

Listen to episodes now:

Hope Travels was part of WordFest and Festival of the Earth, led by Wakefield Council, until 31 October 2021 across the Wakefield district.

Introducing: The Story Trails Youtube Channel

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The Story of Rombald and Isolde

Recent Shows: Hope Returns

Hope Returns was a live storytelling show for children and their grown-ups, touring Wakefield libraries and the WX over October half-term 2021. The show toured eleven venues over six-days and entertained over 200-hundred children with the message that stories are powerful, and that we can care for our environment.

Hope Returns was part of WordFest and Festival of the Earth, led by Wakefield Council, until 31 October 2021 across the Wakefield district.

Story Trails: a hopeful podcast for the future…

The Story Trails Podcast is a dream I have to create a family-friendly audio series that everyone can enjoy together. During lockdown a released some character introductions which can be listened to below. The characters populate my live performances as well, and I hope to be able to share a full audio series with you in the future.

Listen to the character introductions here:

Each minisode, features:

  • an interview with a magical being from the enchanted realm;
  • a creative mission that will see your work featured on the storytrails website;
  • a chapter from the penultimate draft of my children’s book (after the ten minisodes, you can continue to listen to the book here).

The show is free to listen to, and packed with fun. Let’s spread some magic.

Storytelling is an indispensable human preoccupation, as important to us all – almost – as breathing.

Into the Woods: John Yorke (drama expert)

Listen to the latest episode of Diary of a Space Archivist now:

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