About Waking Wakefield

An image of three of the fae characters: Rombald asleep as a hill, Padfoot the dog jumping across Rombald's back and รine the faerie in the foreground. Text at the top reads: 'Launches 21st June'

Waking Wakefield was an Alternate Reality Game funded by Wakefield Council as part of the Festival of the Earth 2021. It engaged both young and old in making small, sustainable changes to their lives to fight the climate crisis.

The game was free to play to anyone anywhere, they only needed a device with an Internet connection.

Teaser Trailer

Waking Wakefield: game teaser

An Example of Sustainable Change

Reducing Meat (video shared with permission)

Promoting Waking Wakefield

The following videos were released to promote Waking Wakefield ahead of its June 2021 launch:
A cynical Myth-Consultant comes face-to-face with the impossible…
The inability to record proof of contact with the fae could destroy this Myth-Consultant’s career…
What could the fae want, that’s worth losing everything for?
The Myth Consultant introduces the fae
The Myth Consultant has a plan – but we all need to help…
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