Pontefract Castle: Dragon Egg Day

Ilbert, the dragon of Pontefract Castle, has a very important job. He must look after the dragon eggs. All of them!

There’s just one problem, the eggs keep going missing! Can you help Ilbert, and find the missing eggs?

Book your slot for ‘Ilbert’s Missing Eggs’ on Wednesday 13th April now.

Make Your Bunny Puppet

The show includes some mischievous bunnies and you can make your very own by following these simple steps.

a photo including: a glue stick, pencil crayons, a piece of plain A4 paper, a paper bag and children's scissors.

You will need:

  1. a glue stick;
  2. some scissors;
  3. some paper;
  4. colouring pencils, crayons or pens;
  5. a paper bag;
  6. a grown-up to help out.
A photo of the plain A4 paper, with drawings of the bunny ears, eyes, teeth, nose and a mouth.

First get your paper and a pencil, then:

  1. draw some bunny ears with a space for the glue;
  2. draw some teeth with a space for the glue;
  3. draw the triangle nose, circle eyes and an oval for the mouth (glue the backs of these to stick them to the paper – I went a bit wrong with my mouth, and initially thought that I needed a tag for gluing, but I didn’t);
  4. Don’t start gluing just yet!
A photo of the bunny ears being cut out of the paper.

Now colour in all of your bunny pieces!

  • they can be any colour you like;
  • then cut them out (you may want to get a grown-up to help you with this bit).
A photo of all of the cut out pieces arranged ready for gluing onto the paper bag.

Assemble all of your pieces together:

  • Glue them onto your paper bag!
A photo of a finished paper-bag bunny puppet.

Now you have your bunny puppet!

  • You may want to draw some whiskers on;
  • ask a grown-up to tweet @StoryTrailsUK with a picture of your amazing creation;
  • have fun playing with your new bunny puppet, and why not make your very own show!?

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