About me

I am a writer, storyteller, workshop leader and a children’s author. My picture book, Scribble Explores the World is available via amazon, and can also be listened to freely here:

I have worked with toddlers, young people, adults and the elderly, and I really do believe that we are all creative.

I have lectured at university for fourteen years, and have built up my pedagogic practice in playful learning and narrative design.

My research has focussed on playful learning, and draws from game design and narrative theory. In March 2017, I gave a TEDx talk about a playful learning design that I had developed with a lead teacher in a local High School.

I set up Story Trails, because I want to share more of what I have learnt over the past decade or so… that stories are essential and that our appetite for learning can be enhanced, if we free our imagination.