Hope is a boggle. A tiny creature from the enchanted world, with an insatiable appetite for adventure and stories! And for Wordfest 2021, I was commissioned to create two stories all about Hope.

Hope Travels

A six-part audio-drama series for families. Episodes range from 4-minutes to 8-minutes long and follow Hope as she explores the human world, finds story-magic in local libraries and discovers the Biggest Human Problem…

Episodes were released every day from the 18th to the 23rd October 2021. In the first two-weeks of the series airing, it was downloaded 3,245 times across thirty-seven countries.

Hope Returns

A twenty-minute interactive storytelling show, following on from Hope Travels. Hope is lost somewhere in the human world, and we have to work together to find her! Along the way we discover story-magic, befriend a spider, clear litter, come up with ways to help the environment and, ultimately, save Hope.

Hope Returns toured eleven venues over six-days and entertained over 200-hundred children.

Listen to the a Recording of the Live Show

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