the Fae

The best way to save the world is to see every plant and every animal […] as the last plant and the last animal in the world!

Mehmet Murat ildan

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These are the fae. Two are on our side, three are not and one is undecided. You must convince them all that humanity can be trusted to look after the environment.

The fae are not like us. But they do care about the earth. Click on their quests and move forward to save the world.

Wakefield Town
The Green Man, aka Jack

The Green Man remembers the forests and animals that roamed here. He remembers winters that froze running water, and summers that that didn’t burn so hot. The seasons have changed and the Green Man wants you to change them back.

Jen the Kelpie

Like all kelpies Jen is a creature of the water. Her flowing hair used to be made of water weeds, but now she plucks plastic from each strand. She is angry at what we’ve done to the water, filling it with our rubbish, polluting it and harming the creatures of the seas and rivers.

Rombald the Giant

Rombald is a being of rock and earth. He remembers when the romans built a fort here. He remembers the farmers, and how they only took what they needed. He worries that humans don’t know the names for nature any more, and that they no longer care.

Hilde the Gnome

Hilde and her tribe live underground. This is a global tribe, connected online and across the earth. She worries that we take too much from the mines, that we care more about the latest phone than the planet. She will defend it at all costs, and she’d like us to help.

Áine the Faerie

Áine is a faerie and while they can become small, that isn’t their natural state. The faerie folk ruled here once. When they did the forests stretched across the landscape and the air was rich and wonderful to breathe. Now the forests are gone and the air is weak.

Padfoot the Dog

Padfoot is a force of nature given form. S/he is not a natural dog, but s/he does care about animals. Padfoot worries that we use other creatures badly. Humans are not alone on the planet, and they need to take better care of the animals they use.

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