Featherstone story-walks

The following Fantastical Creatures and stories were created by children from North Featherstone Junior & Infants, All Saints and St Thomas CE Junior school, as part of creation and development for the Featherstone story-walks.

All Saints
Popper Fudge Fire is a dragon

It can’t fly or breathe fire yet.  Popper Fudge Fire is very friendly.  It lives with its family in a tree in in Dragonland. 

Popper Fudge Fire is good at climbing and has very sharp teeth.

Some stories…

Once upon a Time Popper Fudge Fire glided up to the sky, and saw an aeroplane and lots of books on parachutes.

Once Upon a time there was a dragon and they saw me.  The dragon was cold but wouldn’t come down to the grown-ups.  It came to me and we went to the shops.

Once upon a time there was a land.  And in the land was a boy with a dog.  There was a cold forest, a tower and a dangerous place.

Once Upon a Time Popper Fudge Fire lived in a tree.  But he got thirsty and he went to search for whatever and he went to find whatever.  And he looked and looked and then found his home.  But when his mummy arrived, she was late, she was angry because she had thought he was lost.

Trollo is a troll

Age: 105 (for trolls this is young and Trollo is a child)

Hobbies: stacking rocks; making rock friends; playing with rocks; digging; boxing with rock friends; having adventures; cave painting; cleaning rocks

Likes: Making space; eating wood rubbish; rocks and rockbeds; waterfalls (they’re calming); stacking rocks; building things form trees; stacking wood; pig farming; animals; playing with elves; making farms; making sculptures from wood; McDonalds and pizza (which he steals); glass; berries; grows vegetables; wood rubbish (to eat)

Dislikes: Trees because he can’t see his shadow; bugs; the dark.

Games that he likes: Rock Jenga; dancing enthusiastically; dominoes; breaks into the arcade at night to play video games (moves around by pretending to be a tree).

Trollo might be scared of people, it depends on how they treat him.

Harry is a dragon

Age: 4

Favourite colours: purple, blue, orange and blood red

Likes to: spit fireballs, iceskate, simming in the lake

Food: likes to eat raw meat, McDonalds and tries to eat the bad children

To get Mcdonalds, Harry sneaks in; someone gets it for him; he flies through the drive through to get it; he could burn the McDonalds down and steal the food inside (but then there would be no more); he is small so he can hide in someone’s bag to sneak inside and disguise himself as a baby.

A group story

Once Upon a Time Harry, one of the youngest dragons, wanted to prove himself and become the leader of all the dragons.  So he went to the great Dragon Battle on a hidden island in the middle of the ocean.  There was a big fight (many dragons take part in the contest – that’s why there aren’t many dragons in the world).  Everyone was a bit too big for Harry and he had to hide a lot.  Somehow he made it to the final round, and it was Harry versus the biggest dragon of them all.  Harry did the only thing he could do.  He ran away – all the way to his local McDonalds.  All the people ran away (they hadn’t seen a dragon before). Harry fed the biggest dragon ever all of the burgers and everything in the McDonalds.  Until, finally, the biggest dragon was SICK – so sick that he couldn’t fight Harry and that’s how Harry became the leader of all of the dragons.

Felix is a tree-creature

Age: 279

Felix is a young adult and is happy and friendly.

Felix likes to: play games; look after birds, go swimming and slide down the mountain, and to read

Favourite colours: red, green and blue

Food: fish and chips, hot dogs, vegetables; burgers; pizza; leaves; branches that have fallen down; ice cream

Drinks: milks, water

He grows branches for arms to get things and hides from people. But some people – his friends – bring him things like burgers and pizza

People make Felix feel scared.  HE likes people most of the time and gives oxygen to them – but if he sees an axe he becomes unhappy.  When they chop trees down it really upsets him.  HE wonders about what people are and sometimes wishes that he could be a human.  He likes to play with some human friends. 

He feels sad if he’s left out – some people might be scared of him.

North Featherstone Junior & Infants

Spiky is a dragon

Age: 1.5 years (a baby)

Favourite colours: pink and orange

Dislikes: water and rain

Likes: games

Lives: under someone’s house

Drinks: Raspberry water

Has rosy cheeks.

Struggles to practice to fly.

Fire Flame is a dragon

Name: Fire Flame (girlfriend is Hog Helen)

Age: 4-5 (Hog Helen is 6)

Eats: Apples and birds, he catches and eats fish, he also eats leaves and worms.  Hog Helen likes to eat meat.

Drinks: water

Likes: playing with other dragons.  Hog Helen likes climbing trees, sleeping and flying.

Fire Flame dances every day, he lays eggs and he has a pet horse.  He has black and red scales.  He is naughty and mischievous.

Hog Helen is mean.

They can both breathe fire and they are scary.

Flame is a dragon

Eats: acorns and slugs

Favourite colour: orange and blue

Likes: to breathe fire and fly

Flame is very small, mischievous and hard to spot.  It is good, cute and helpful but it may seem scary.

Spike is a dragon

Lives: in a tree

Eats: leaves and meat

Favourite colour: green

Family: older brother, little sister and mum and dad

Likes: flying and playing hide and seek

Spike has a shiny horn, gold, sharp teeth, snake eyes and lots of friends.  He can be irritable.

Scaly is a dragon

Age: 11

Eats: pig, pears, chilli and apples

Drinks: water

Favourite colour: red and green

Mira is an Earth-Woman

Age: 1,038 (young for an earth woman)

Eats: ants, rocks, conkers, leaves, tree bark, trees, slugs, manure, worms, mushrooms and spiders

Drinks: rain, river water, sea water, blended grass, wolf saliva, slug smoothies and dew

Likes: climbing trees and mountains; playing with leaves; meeting nature; gardening; playing keepie-uppie with snails; playing with grass; pranking bugs; eating; diving; sun-bathing; abseiling; playing with animals; smoothing dirt; digging; swimming in the lake; rolling down a hill; sleeping

Mira is kind.


Age: 1,728 years

Lives: in a volcano

Likes to: eat humans; stomp his feet; chase people and play tig; breathe fire; have fun with his dragons; use his power-fall power

Friends: a demon lady; rattle snake; pineapple-head monster and an annoying orange

Personality: mean; evil; powerful; invincible

Drinks: sausage water; rattle snake skin and saliva; blood

Eats: rats; spiders; frogs; snails; slugs; bread with frog toes; stones; sticks; leaves with saliva; light bulbs; glass; plastic; shoes; glasses; jewellery; pens; liquorice; paper

Hobbies: making everyone bow to him; plying with lava; interacting with his dragons; eveil laughing; jumping into lava; being evil; playing scare ball

Unnamed is half tiger, half unicorn

Age: 7,090 years old

Eats: bark, plastic, dead human flesh, rainbows and lightning

Drinks: slug and worm blood, smoothies, water, slugs and manure smoothies, lightning nd tree smoothies

Likes to: run, catch birds, dive and sleep

Dannie is an evil elf… well, actually: half elf and half goblin!

Age: 1,212

He has: spikes on his arms, eyes like an eagle

He is: green, black and pink

Eats: goblins

Likes to: play tricks on people

Spike is a dragon-devil

Age: 10,000 (which is young for his species)

Eats: hot chilli peppers, wood, slugs, cranberries, blackberries, mud, dinosaurs, cavemen, whale saliva, whale blood

Drinks: river water, blood, sea water

He is: fat and chubby, red and orange with spikes

Personality: he is kind, wise and friendly

He smells like an old bin and has smelly feet.

Fury is a pheonicorn (cross between a unicorn and a pheonix)

Age: 189 years old

Hobbies: flying

Drinks: holy water; rainbow juice; smelly poison and blood

Eats: ashes, pig, fireflies, worms, fiaries, grass, bees, cows, chickens, turtles

Height: 6 feet and 3 inches

Personality: strong, giddy, kind

Was born in fire.

If it sees a human it will get angry.

Rosie is a troll

Age: 11 (very young)

Eats: people, eggs, chicken and chicken nuggets, pgs in blankets, spaghetti

Drinks: garbage water, orange juice, coca cola, dragon and human blood, lemonade

Can: turn into a tree, a small animal, a dragon, a person.  Rosie can also hide, turn invisible and break through walls

Likes to: play football rock in the woods, jump on people and buildings, play with other trolls

Lives in: a big rocky cave.

Chalkey is a fairy-dragon

Favourite colour: grey

Favourite food: leaf sandwich with bark bread and loves peaches

Favourite drink: lemon and lime water

Favourite animals: pixies

Likes to: steal nuts from squirrels

Lives: in the trees

She is brave and kind.

Tim the Rat-man

Favourite food: chocolate

What makes him happy: throwing cheese at people

What makes him calm down: Dipping chocolate in honey

Tim the rat-man is brave but mean

Jess is a dragon-fairy

Age: 27

Favourite food: apples and blueberries

What makes you angry: not feeding me

Likes to: burn villages

Favourite drink: fairy juice and fizzy dragon juice

What helps it calm down: apples

Drago is a dragon

Age: 2 years old

Favourite drink: apricot juice

Eats: I make mini fireballs to eat

Favourite colour: deep blue

Lives: in a dark cave

Drago is super-duper kind, but gets angry when aeroplanes whizz past him in the air.

Toothless is a dragon

Age: 3 years old

Favourite colour: orange and blue

Favourite food: apples:

Lives: near the trees under the bridge

Toothless is kind.

The Mirror-Man

Eats: sausage and mash

Drinks: water

Likes to: walk to a mirror and say ‘why have you not changed?’

He is brave and honest, but scared of people.  He also speaks backwards.

The terrifying blood sucker is a three-headed monster

Age: 16

Lives: in a dark lava mountain cave

He likes to: eat

Eating makes him happy

Everything makes him angry

Favourite animal: dragons

Favourite game: ‘Don’t touch the lava challenge’ He is brave but mean.

Peak is a dragon

Age: 2

Likes: playing football in Antartica, the cold, flying, climbing, the shade, human stuff (including clothes)

Favourtie colours: brown; pink; red; rainbow

Eats: oranges, pizza and lasagne (as long as it’s vegetarian)

Lives: In the mountains and forests of Wales

Peak likes to talk to humans and help them, and is also friends with bugs.

Bobbin is a troll

Age: 134 years

Eats: leaves; squirrels; berries; worms; honey; chicken; pizza; chocolate; hot dogs

Favourite colours: blue; purple and green

Dislikes/is afraid of: burning; being cut down and turned into paper; getting eaten

Lives: in the west woods of New York (pretends to be a tree so no one notices him)

Likes to: play rugby with other trolls (they use rocks for the rugby balls); travelling

Bobbin is a friendly troll who can fly and use camouflage to get around.

Rosie is an Earth-Woman

Age: 54

Likes to: sleep; walk around; crate nature; be with animals and flowers; playing with her friends (like Bobbin) and the animals; exploring

Favourite colours: pink; green and brown

Lives: Rosie is from Scotland but likes to visit places like Italy, blackpool for the lights and Featherstone for the wonderful people.  One of her favourite places to visit is Poland.

Eats: berries; apples; grass; spiders

Drinks: pond-water; rain-water; grass-soda; tree-sap

Likes: all creatures, including dogs, cats, spiders, dinosaurs, squirrels and bears

Rosie can hide by sinking into the ground.  She can defend herself by suddenly growing and pouncing, making branches and throwing them.  She is strong and can read the minds of animals.  She is friendly.

Rosie is friendly and is good friends with Bobbin the troll.

Violet is a True-Fairy

Age: 1,016 years (which is young for a fairy)

Lives: on the continent of Africa in a tree in the jungle

Favourite colours: Turquoise; violet; purple; light blue

Family: She has five brothers and sisters (she’s in the middle).  She gets on well with her siblings.

Likes to: go on holiday; steal sandwiches and jewellery from people, swap pancakes for teeth instead of giving children money

She likes foxes, dogs and lions and has a toothpet.

She does not like humans because: they don’t believe in fairies; they have rotten teeth; their pets attack fairies… it is fun to steal from humans.

Some Stories

Once upon a time the trolls didn’t like the humans so they came up with a plan .  A group of teenagers wondered through the forest and they came across a strange path.  So they started to walk and straight through and came across a little hut.  Then they thought it was just some homeless people, but they came across some small shops and they crouched in and saw a very ugly troll.  The troll pounced at  the group of teenagers and they got trapped in the troll prison.  Two years later they found a key and hey escaped the troll prison and finally got out of the troll territory.  The end.  Or is it?

Once upon a time there was an ugly troll that did not like the people on his path every day he sat under the bridge to spy on the people so he made a plan to stop them from walking on the path.  The plan was getting all of the animals and stopping them from going on his bridge.  Then the fairy that lived in a castle, sprinkled fairy dust on the people so they can fly and not go on the bridge, instead flying over it.  So then the troll does not have to sit under the ridge every day.  The end.

Trolls are moody and like to be alone.  They hate other people and never bathe.  They smell like human vomit.  They are just like bad little gremlins.  Eveil and vile, tiny creatures.  Grumpy. They are born to be wild but their ideas are stupid.  They have never encountered a human.  They are beastly, aren’t used to humans and are born bonkers and grumpy. 

Once upon a time the trolls went – ding – so they got barbed wire and put it on either end of the path.  The humans got in the way so they couldn’t walk on the path, but suddenly an arrow shot out of mid-air on fire and blue up the barbed wire so instead they became friends, the end.

Once upon a time the trolls were having a perfect day, but then the humans came and figured out a way to get rid of the humans so they put a boulder on top o the cave so it could kill them, but that only killed two humans so they found weapons and made themselves scary and got rid of the rest.  And then they lived in peace happily ever after.

Unicorns, dragons and trolls…

The animals are lonely and have no one to play with.  They want to get to know us because we are nice and respectful.

Unicorns would like humans because they are kind animals.

Once upon a time lived a troll called Grump and he hated humans.  He desired to get rid of humans.  All the unicrons helped the humans.  All the people and the unicorns and trolls had a battle.  and the people and the unicorns won.

I think dragons like humans, so to know them better maybe just ask them if they’re hunters.

I think that unicorsn will sniff you then walk towards you and want to be your friend.

I think that dragons will be scared because they are not very nice and will breathe fire at you.  I that fairies are good to people.

Unicorns might stab the humans with their horns.

I think that the dragons are going to be nervous and scared because they have never met someone.

I don’t think that fairies like humans.

I think that unicorns like people because they are magical.

I think that unicorns are scared of people.

The trolls make traps what are holes and then they put sticks over them.  The humans would fall into it and they the would put them in a machine what would make them melt, and then the humans melt and turn into trolls.

Humans are kind sometimes.  But they are trying to enter the dragon’s den.  Dragons can be tamed, but only with food.  Dragons are worried that people might try to steal their eggs.  They try to protect thie rbabies but they also do like humans.  Dragons can be kind and they can be mean.  Dragons only like poepl that don’t have axes, swords or bows and arrows. 

Once upon a time there was a troll.  He didn’t like people on his path so he had an idea.  He called all of the other animals, but they didn’t all agree so he made them agree.  They looked around but couldn’t find any people so they looked some more and found the people.  The humans started attacking.  Then they tried to escape but they couldn’t go anywhere. Then the troll ran into his home and cried himself to sleep.  The end.

The Tree people are a bit scared of humans…

People don’t know who the tree people are.  The tree people feel like the people are going to hurt them because people pull fruit off the trees.  They like any animals except cats and dogs.  Dogs make them scared because they are different creatures.

Jump up and out on the path to try and scare the people.  The bugs up the women to make them run away.  The pixies fly in front of them and lead them away from the path and while the pixies are distracting the people the rest of the bugs set a trap.  They could put up horror traps to make it look haunted so then the people would never return again.  The humans look like they need back up and help so the other creatures go and help them go defeat the bad guy / tree.

The tree people are a bit scared of humans because people have axes.

Don’t let dogs wee on trees.

The trolls came up with a plan to get people off the path.  Because humans pull leaves and wood off of trees.  The other creatures told stories to the tree to make scared.

The trap is where they dig a hole and cover it with leaves and there is flint and steel in it.

Because they might put him in the fire and he will be burnt.

Because they might chop him down and use him for a big house.  He might get tuerend into a chair.  People want to get wood from trees.  Because they do not want to get chopped down.  They might use him for a fence.  He only knows abot the forest and not other places.  He doesn’t like people.  Some people are kind to trees and maybe some people make fun of trees.  They could have a friend, maybe a tall friend. 

Once upon a time some trolls who wanted to destroy a tree man.  So the tree man stopped the trolls so he called for his family and friends.  Then the trolls trapped the people in a trap.  Then the people tried to get out of the trap but failed.  And then the strong, brave tree-man got the people out of the trap.  The end.

People might chop trees down with axes.  He eats people because humans are too loud.

Once upon a time there was a fire breathing dragon that burned down houses.  They burned down their fences and they destroyed people’s houses.  The people were scared and worried and cold.  The trolls were scared of the tree-man, Root.  They followed him to his place.  He fell in a ditch.

Dragons, fairies, unicorns like the humans and want to get to know them

Unidragonfairy said, “I can cross the bridge, because I’m not a human!”

A fire breathing dragon came to the bridge and se the trolls on fire.

A fairy came to help a draong set them on fire.

Another dragon came along called Charley and another friend unicorn.  After a bit the trolls were targeted by everyone.  Another big strong fire breathing dragon called Miller came to celebrate.

The trolls don’t want humans bothering them by walking along the path…

Because they are scared if we’re gonna eat them.

Because they don’t like humans.

Because htye’re scared the humans will try to kill them.

Because thye live under paths.

Because humans betrayed trolls.

Because it’s their path.

Once upon a time, trolls didn’t want people on the bridge, and people walked over the bridge so the trolls got angry and one day a troll became angry and overheard some people about the dragon that would eat the trolls.  But the dragon ate some mushrooms and died.

Trolls don’t like humans because they’re too loud.  Tree trolls launch stink bombs to drive off humans.  The trolls don’t like us chopping down trees.

There are trolls that have big machine guns in their tiny hands.  Ther are trolls that live in a bridge.  And then the humans run to safety with their kids before the troll comes and then lightning comes.  Tree trolls make friends with other trolls.

St Thomas CE Junior School



Beastly is a magical creature and is 15,588 years old

Beastly has the head of a lizard and eagle eyes.  It likes heat, other animals, sweets, people, water and cake.  Beastly also likes to eat ice and small animals.


Bob is a Sklel Monster.

Bob likes humans and to play games.  He likes to eat pizza and to drink milkshakes.

Bob is 20-years old and lives on a beautiful mountain.


Hybrid is a pikachu, dragon, spider, snake.

Hybrid drinks fresh water and orange juice, and eats humans (because they try to kill its family).

Hybrid is 263 years old.  It lives down river and likes to play football.  Hybrid has seen tv but does not like it.

Killer Wing

Killer Wing is 50 years old.  It flies around and pretends to be cute but it eats elephants.

It likes to eat berries, fly and it can jump 100,000 miles in one jump!

It dislikes cities.


Age: 18

What: Spellsy has a human face, on its body it has wings and six arms.  It has jaguar legs and a lion’s tail.

Likes: climbing trees; being in the dark; to be with his friends; rock climbing

Dislikes: Hippos; flowers; daylight; reading; writing

Eats: bird tails, spaghetti Bolognese; ice cream; rats; tigers; nutritious meals

Drinks: Magical loveheart milkshakes, coke, smoothies, blood from other animals

Lives: in the rain forest

How does it feel about humans: It doesn’t like humans because they tried to capture him.  Some humans give him food.  And it likes some humans because they taste nice.


What: A fairy dragon

Age: 1,000 years old

It has: ice powers and ghost powers.  It has animal friends and is magic.  It can shrink and turn invisible.

Dislikes: dogs; cages

Eats: pizza; hot dogs; cupcakes

Drinks: milkshake and water

Fireball looks after baby dragons and ducklings

It has magical animal friends

Fireball has a dragon tail, and horns and leaves on its head

It likes to fight pirates

He likes humans and likes playing hide and seek with them

It has long wings and sharp claws, a long neck and wooden hands.

Characters from children across all three schools

He is a hamster.  He is fluffy and soft and he likes snow and rain.  He likes to do drawing and fighting a bit.  He likes playing hide and seek, and eating cucumber, carrots and lettuce.  His favourite sports are rugby and football.  He lives in a house in the jungle.  His favourite colours are blue, red and green.  He is a good hamster and sometimes cheeky.  HE likes gold and shiny stuff.  He loves learning and fun.


My dragon has blue eyes and it loves people and other pets.  It’s a girl; it is cute.  The colour of its skin is pink and purple.  She is eight years old.  It likes to play and cares for animals.  It’s very calm.  Its name is Neve.  People love her. 

Wiggy Higgy

Wiggy Higgy is a friendly dragon.  It’s red and pink and sleeps in my bed with me or its dragon bed.  Wiggy Higgy is a girl.  She plays catch with me and likes to play hide and seek.  She loves to go to work and hates to be picked up by anyone apart from me.  She loves to be stroked and is 11-months old.

Master Shiny Little

He is a dragon and likes dancing.  He likes to train other dragons.  He lives in a crystal and he is forty-seven years old. 


Pika is a pikachu and lives on a mountain.  He likes learning, especially his times tables, and his favourite thing to do is hunt animals.  He lives in Tokyo and he likes electricity.  He east bananas and fish fingers.  He is fourteen years old and is yellow, blue, black and red.


Jaakin lives on a beach in a wave.  It travels to America and China.  It likes to eat chicken and can power dance.  It is purple and blue.


Marck is a boy and has sharp teeth.  Marck lives in a America and is a creature that likes nuts and climbing trees.  Marck is 40 years old.


Forasty is a dragon.  It lives in the forest in England.  It doesn’t have any friends and it likes flying and roaring.  It eats foxes, squirrels and wolves, and is aggressive.  Forasty is light blue, dark blue and white.


Grace is 3.  Her favourite place is Wales.  She is a dragon and is green, blue, orange and violet.  She likes languages and basketball.  She lives in the jungle and enjoys quiet time.  She likes to eat pizza and chicken and chips.  She likes wolves, fling and climbing.  She likes to watch films about dragons, and her favourite kind of weather is rain.


Rosie is a dragon.  She is 2.  She likes to play hide and seek and climbing.  She likes eating chicken nuggets, chips and pizza.  She is pink and blue.  She likes wolves and monkeys.  She lives in the jungle and has a brother and sister.  She likes the rain and quiet time.


Jacko is a dragon and lives in the jungle. He is nine years old and plays rugby in Australia.  He is a gamer and likes playing Fortnite.  His favourite food is pizza and chocolate and his favourite colour is red, blue, orange and purple.


Bob likes football and playing with lego.  He also likes to draw.  Bob is a dragon.  He loves pizza and chocolate and chewing gum.  He best friend is a baby dragon.  He wears dragon glasses.  He likes explosions and fire.  Bob is 13 years old. 


Rosey is 4 years old.  She likes pink and violet colours and is cheeky.  She loves the snow.


Mark is a dragon fighter (this is a type of dragon).  Mark lives in a cave in Wales and likes to eat pizza, pigs, cows, sheep, bacon and dark chocolate.  Mark also likes maths, literacy and history.  Mark is 13 years old and likes other animals like cats, dogs, rats and bunnies.  Mark speaks French, Welsh and English.  Mark likes to play dragon football and dragon rugby.  Mark’s favourite colours are: pink, black, white, brown, yellow, blue, purple, grey, green, red and violet.


Peat is a Peekachu. It lives in the middle of the trees.  He loves eating leaves.  He has a mum and a dad. His favourite colour is orange and his best food is pizza.  He likes playing hide and seek.


Jelly lives in the forest.  It is blue and likes to eat meat and chicken.  It can make fireballs.


Pika is 7 years old and it lives in my house.  Pika’s nickname is Meo.  He is a pokemon.  He likes to go to the gym and into the forest.  His power is thunder fireball, digging, water-ball and flame thrower.  It has a mom, dad and an annoying sister.  His favourite food is gum, strawberries, chocolate and pizza.  His favourite drinks are: cola, soda and juice.  He likes playing ball and does not like the quiet.  He is friends with Pika-death-king, Pikachu and Jelly.


Pika’s nickname is Death-king.  Pika is a vegetarian.  He is 8 years old and likes to play video games.  He likes going to the gym and playing football.


Pixel is a unicorn.  She is smart and kind.  She is friends with dragons and her birthday is the 27th September.  She likes the colour pink and has 1,000 brothers and sisters.  She is 4 years old.  She likes to read and loves to eat marshmallows, pizza, ice-cream and donuts.  Pixel is a happy creature.


Jeff is a dragon and works at St.Thomas, and is 21 years old.  Jeff wheres 270s trainers, has 40 stepbrothers, 20 dads, 20 mums and 100 stepsisters.

Jeff goes to the dragon shoe-store.  Jeff lives in a volcano and is friends with penguins, spiders, ants, wasps and bees.  Jeff plays football in Antartica and plays out with ants.


Peach is a dragon.  She loves art and likes to fly.  Peach likes the rain.  She has a brother.  She sleeps in trees and lives on a mountain.  She loves the colour pink and likes lava.  She loves to eat and likes water and snow.  She loves eating peaches and pizza.  Peach is 2 years old.  Peach’s brother is called Cherry.  Cherry loves the sun and water and snow.  He also loves pizza.


Oger is a wizard-tin-man and is friends with other can-men, Spongebob, penguins and Greek fishermen.  Oger likes spider-oil and is 21 years old.

Raven Ward

Raven likes to play rugby and football.  Her favourite food is spaghetti, lasagne, pizza, meat and oranges.  She likes the colours: midnight purple, blue and purple.  She likes to read, fly, climb and run.  She can climb up mountains.  She is 1 year old.  She likes playing basketball, tig, hide and seek and climbing games.  She likes to eat meat and likes to drink fresh water from the waterfall.  She likes to play with different animals.


Wiggle is a dragon.  He is 10 years old and works at the dragon superstore in India.  He likes to read and to wiggle his bum.  He plays football, is cheeky, kind and funny.  His favourite colours are: yellow, green, orange and purple.  He lives in Madagascar with his family: 1 dad, 2 brothers, 1 sister, 17 stepdads, 1 mum, 17 step-mums, 14 step sisters and 13 step brothers.  He likes maths and likes to visit Mount Everest. 

Linderay and Riou

Linderay is a fairy.  She is my friend.  Riou is a boy.  He is 14 years old and likes to dance so much.  He like the rain.

YA Story Material

The young people created three post-apocalyptic worlds, which we then brought together to create a future world that:

  • had suffered a zombie virus;
  • had been saved by aliens;
  • Then enslaved by the aliens to power their machines (humans are taken to a ‘hospital’ where they are then hooked up to a VR system that makes the world seem wonderful).

In this world there are small groups of rebel survivors…

Amy Ferafouler (rebel)

Age: 25

Job: Neuro-biologist / a human rebel

What she wants: to beat the alien and zombies

What is in the way: the aliens

Scott (alien)

Job: Mechanic

Wants: humans for batteries to power his spaceship

In the way: The rebels keep on attacking

Thoughts: One person escapes and lets another person out.  A young zombie tried eating me (he looked three).

Daniel (zombie)

Age: 3

Job: Day to day routine is to scare people and eat brains because I’m a zombie.

Wants: I want brains and a nice family and to turn into a human again.

In the way: The aliens are taking the humans so Daniel can’t eat their brains, or have a human family again.

Jim (alien)

Age: 64

Job: Tricks humans

Wants: to kill humans

In the way: the humans are running away

Jim loves animals.  He has a pet penguin.  He lives in a spaceship with loads of aliens inside of it.  He has loads of food inside the ship and loads of fizzy drinks.

Lila Short (rebel)

Age: 15

Job: Creates wooden weapons: pocket swords, poles to hit things with and wooden boomerangs etc.

Wants: higher technology and for the aliens to be dead

In the way: the aliens’ amazing technology has created a forcefield of deadly electricity

Notes: Today I tried to invade the alien ‘hospital’ (death trap) with my best friend, Chow Chow.

Oblod (alien)

Age : 2,127

Job: Going to planets to try and destroy them

Wants: To stop the human rebels and use the humans as a power source on earth.

In the way: the human rebels are stopping them from getting the huamns asa power source.

Note: When I go to the planet market I always find out which one is the biggest and when I find it, I see if I have got enough moonbux for it, and when I buy it I split it in half to see if it still has magma in it.

Zac (zombie)

Age: 49

Job: Be a zombie. Eat brains.

Wants: Brains so he can eat.

In the way: human rebels

Notes: When it sees a camp it makes a noise and more zombies come and take over.  The zombie likes a cave that it sleeps in with his zombie dog.  He has a zombie brother and the rebel humans killed him when he was sleeping.

Jessica Sunshine (rebel)

Job: get something to stop mind control.  She helps to release people from mind control and false memories. 

Alex (human trapped in VR world)

Job: Works as a scientist researching why zombies come back and don’t perish forever.

Wants: to figure out the meaning of the VR world and escape the world

In the way: the aliens

Note: Alex likes sitting on the cliffs at the beach, just as the sun is setting and looking across the ocean with his beagle called Jack, wondering if the zombies have fully taken over the world in the real world.

Chloe Jane (zombie-ruler)

Age: 18

Job: she works at a high school as a janitor and gets paid for how much she cleans in one minute.

Wants: to kill each other and other people.  They want to trick each other.

In the way: the system is working without electricity and isn’t killing the people.

Lillie Moonlight (rebel)

Age: 18

Job: Find a potion to stop the virus

Wants: Wants to find a potion so it can stop the virus

In the way: She finds a potion to stop people from getting the virus (not to cure it)

Peppa (alien)

Age: 100000016453

Job: Taking rebel humans

Wants: to take humans

In the way: the humans are hiding

Timmy (human in VR world)

Age: 20

Job: businessman

Wants: the world to be normal again

In the way: A weird virus and low technology

Note: Timmy likes McDonalds and the aliens told him that they would give him infinite McDonalds.  Obviously Timmy came aboard and got hooked onto a machine.  Timmy was fast asleep but then woke up in a virtual world.

Mike (zombie)

Age: 27

Job: Going around eating brains.  Cleans graveyard / grave digger.  Has a dog named Brains.

Wants: Brains / organs

In the way: The rebels

Favourite place: the cemetery, amongst the dead.

Mike (rebel)

Age: 27

Job: Teacher

Likes: playing football

Wants: to end the zombie apocalypse.  Wants his normal food and snacks back.

In the way: the aliens

Desmond (rebel)

Age: 30

Job: retired

Wants: his son back

In the way: no technology

Note: he has lost his leg and his son is a cyborg.

Bobby (rebel)

One day I was swimming in the sea when I felt one thing, two things, on my leg.  So I ran out of the water across the sand and into the lab.  It stank like dung.

Mstery (human in VR world)

He goes to the gym all the time.  When he goes to his job after he goes to the gym, he gets some protein drink and protein bar.

A person in the VR world

The cat’s meow Sound Effect from Freesound, by Counter-gamerJanuary 13th, 2014

The ring-tone Sound Effect from Freesound by pogmothoinAugust 1st, 2016: http://www.kickblue22.com

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