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Energy Quest

Reduce use of electricity throughout the house. Dispose of batteries and electrical goods properly. Be observant of machines left on and reduce the footprint on all devices.

Nature pros

It was easy! I know everything about nature

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I double-checked the list of what my local area actually recycles. So now I’ve stopped adding my yogurt pots to the mix since, apparently, they don’t take those. This feels counter-intuitive since I’m not recyclying. But before I was making it harder for the… Continue Reading “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

Andy’s Quest

Stopped using plastic bags. It was easy. I enjoyed it.

An Individual Quest on Reducing Meat

I’ve been trying to eat less meat. I asked DS what he thought and he was none too keen. Then I mentioned it to some of my students. We share ‘one thing I’m going to try’ every week, and reducing meat was my thing.… Continue Reading “An Individual Quest on Reducing Meat”

Forest Bathing!

Can’t believe I’m posting this but I actually enjoyed ‘forest bathing’. It is not the sort of thing that I do, but I thought I’d give it a go for this and – wow. Once I got past feeling weird, it was wonderful. I… Continue Reading “Forest Bathing!”

The Plastic Quest

It never occurred to me to get camping cutlery and carry it around wrapped in one of those beeswax things. It was cheap and I’ve been using them all week when I grab lunch out. It’s good not having to use those plastic or… Continue Reading “The Plastic Quest”

More Energy-Wise things

Ok – we’ve done it. We’ve stopped using standby. I’ll be honest, it’s a bit annoying to start with – especially reaching round the TV to the mains. We have a digital radio in the kitchen and now the time is always wrong on… Continue Reading “More Energy-Wise things”

My first message the ‘fae’: energy-wise

Hello ‘fae’ – is that what you prefer to be called? You ay have guessed from my username that I’m a mom, so I have a vested interest in this whole ‘banishment’ thing you’re talking about, and we’re going to try our hardest to… Continue Reading “My first message the ‘fae’: energy-wise”